Experiencing fatigue? Remedy it with the right nutrients

Experiencing fatigue? Remedy it with the right nutrients

11 Nov 2021

Fatigue is that feeling you get when you constantly feel tired, weak and even overwhelmed by simple daily tasks. It can present physically, mentally, or often it is a combination of the two.

No one is immune to fatigue - it can happen to anyone, but in a busy world, full of everyday pressures, it’s mostly experienced by adults.

Each year, an estimated 1.5 million Australians report feeling fatigue (1). Here are some common causes of fatigue, and how to address them by living a balanced lifestyle, managing stressors and using Vitable’s custom vitamin packs personalised to your health needs.

Causes of fatigue

Custom vitamin packs

A person who feels fatigued may be experiencing one of these factors, or several at once:

Underlying illnesses

Fatigue may arise due to various physical conditions (2). It may arise from not having enough nutrients in your body as a result of medical conditions. It may also come from your body being unable to process nutrients properly and efficiently. Problems with your muscles or organs may also result in tiredness.

Work stress

Fatigue may be the result of stress in the workplace or working too many hours without rest (5).

Poor lifestyle decisions

Taking a lot of alcohol or drugs may contribute to feelings of fatigue. Lack of exercise may also result in having less energy (5).

Mental and emotional stress

Mental health issues or grief may result in feelings of fatigue. These may also cause other symptoms, such as lack of motivation and irritability (5).

Addressing energy deficiency

There are simple ways to avoid getting fatigued. These include lifestyle and diet changes, which can be accompanied with Vitable’s custom vitamin packs.

Get the right amount of sleep

To function at its best, the body requires a good 8 hours of sleep. Even though you can get by with less hours of sleep, it could take a toll on you mentally. Even excessive sleeping can induce more sleepiness, so finding the right balance that leaves you feeling energised is the best option (3).

Take a break

Being in a stressful environment is something you cannot change immediately or on your own, but there are ways to cope with it. When bothered by workplace stress or being burnt out, the best thing to do is take a break and rest. The body needs sleep, the mind needs to rest, and with both, you can steer clear of fatigue.

Evaluate your current diet

Some of the questions you can ask yourself as part of evaluating your daily diet include: Are you getting enough water daily? How balanced are the meals that you eat every day? Do you eat too much or too little? Your daily dietary supplements must cover the spectrum of energy boosters alongside a wholesome meal.

When it comes to diet, the goal is to include the right nutrients to keep your body’s energy levels high. Eating food that is rich in iron, magnesium, B-complex vitamins, and vitamin C can benefit you plenty, not only for fatigue but the body’s functionality (4).

Putting together custom vitamin packs to boost energy levels

Custom vitamin packs

Getting sufficient nutrients for the body to function optimally can be achieved through a well-rounded diet. Custom subscription vitamins can accompany your healthy diet to ensure you receive these vitamins and minerals regularly and adequately.

Here are some of the high quality vitamin supplements you can consider including as part of your own vitamin pack for energy:


Iron supports energy levels by playing an important role in producing adenosine triphosphate (ATP), or the primary energy storage in our cells (6).

*Iron should only be taken if prescribed by your doctor.


Ashwagandha has traditionally been used to promote physical endurance and stamina by improving mitochondrial health (7).


Magnesium supports energy production by playing a part in the body using up glucose for energy, as well as the creation of ATP (8).

B complex

The B group of vitamins are involved in the processes of producing energy out of carbohydrates, fats, and proteins (9).

Acetyl L-carnitine

Acetyl L-carnitine supports energy levels in the body by improving energy status and decreasing oxidative stress (10).

Vitamin C

Vitamin C helps in the transport of fatty acids to the mitochondria, or the energy core of the cell (11).

Vitamin B12

This vitamin plays a role in the citric acid cycle, which helps us get energy from food (12).

Feel like fatigue is keeping you down? Get your energy levels back to where you want it to be with Vitable Australia’s vitamin subscription packs! Vitable will put together your personalised vitamins in daily vitamin packs, with your health goals in mind. Paired with a healthy diet, get your nutrient fix through daily vitamin packs, where you can curate your own chosen set of vitamins. If you’re also looking for vitamin delivery in Australia, Vitable is at your service! We offer custom supplements, delivered to your doorstep.

Find out more about other areas that the above supplements can help you with:

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*Always read the label. Follow the directions for use. If symptoms persist, talk to your health professional. Vitamin and/or mineral supplements should not replace a balanced diet.


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