Home-compostable sachets vitamin sachets made with compostable film

Our daily vitamin packaging is made from sustainably sourced, plant-based cellulose produced from sustainably harvested Eucalyptus trees which are certified to be GMO-free. The material we use is certified home compostable.

Our sachets break down naturally and return nutrients back into the soil under home-composting conditions without releasing toxins. The sachet film has been independently tested and certified by TUV AUSTRIA’s OK compost HOME system and holds the Australian ABA certification. This means they have been proven to break down at set composting conditions and checked for eco-toxicity.

How to compost your packs

Refillable Dispenser
As of March 2022 your first order will come in a refillable dispenser which is made to sit permanently on your benchtop. Your following orders will come as refills packed in FSC-certified and recyclable cardboard material. So you can wave goodbye to unnecessary packaging for the rest of your life!
We track our carbon emissions annually
Vitable is taking the steps to minimise any negative environmental impact of doing business by measuring carbon emissions with Trace, a Climate Tech company.


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