Can exercise help me sleep? The connection between exercise and a restful sleep

Can exercise help me sleep? The connection between exercise and a restful sleep

08 Dec 2021

Does exercise help you sleep? To answer this burning question, it’s crucial to first understand the dynamics of exercise and sleep. Read on to learn how supplementation, when paired alongside a healthy diet, can help improve exercise performance and support quality sleep at night.

Why is sleep important?

Everybody needs sleep, as it is the time that our body is able to recharge and recuperate (1, 2). When a person lacks sleep, their ability to think, concentrate, make decisions, and process memories might be impaired. In addition, sleep deprivation can also result in a poorer physical state, causing reduced performance and increased chances of getting sick.

Exercise and Sleep

The connection between exercise and sleep

There are many methods that can help us sleep better, such as a healthy diet, supplementation, and exercise.

Exercise and sleep share an interesting relationship (3). While scientists are still unable to accurately explain their dynamics, it is understood that exercise greatly contributes to better sleep (2). But how exactly?

Exercise changes your body temperature

When we exercise, our body temperature rises due to the increase in physical activity. Likewise, when we cool down, our body temperature drops. This drop in temperature mimics our body’s state when we are asleep. This can signal the body that it is time to sleep (2, 5).

Exercise helps release serotonin

Exercise helps the release and regulation of a hormone called serotonin (5). Serotonin has been linked to the regulation of consistency of sleep (6).

Exercise can help set your body clock

If we regularly exercise outdoors, we get exposed to natural light. This in turn helps our body establish a reliable sleep-wake cycle, making it easier for us to sleep at consistent hours (7).

Exercise and Sleep

Exercise helps relieve stress and mild anxiety

When we exercise, our body releases feel-good hormones, like serotonin and endorphins, that help improve our mood and reduce mild anxiety. When we are less stressed or anxious, it’s easier for us to fall into a deeper sleep (7).

Exercise exhausts the body

It’s actually harder to sleep the more energy we have. When we exercise, we expend any excess energy that we might have during the day. This means we might find it easy to sleep after exercise (7).

Supplementation for better exercise and sleep

Since exercise has such a big impact on sleep, it can help to ensure that we receive all the right nutrients from a well-rounded diet. Supplementation when paired alongside a healthy diet, can also help you to achieve your daily requirement of these nutrients.  

Exercise and Sleep

If you’re looking to support your workouts and sleep, ashwagandha is a wonder herb that could fit the bill. Ashwagandha helps exercise performance by increasing physical endurance and stamina. Furthermore, this herb also helps improve sleep quality and reduce the time taken to fall asleep (8). Additionally, ashwagandha’s benefits include better stress response and better muscle function for exercise.

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*Always read the label. Follow the directions for use. If symptoms persist, talk to your health professional. Vitamin and/or mineral supplements should not replace a balanced diet.


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